Hamantaschen: The Symbolism behind Purim Cookies

Purim is a celebration of masquerade, Mishloach Manot, Hamantaschen and book of Esther reading. Every Jewish holiday focuses on a special dish and the triangular Hamantaschen are the symbolic food of Purim. Why triangular and why named after the wicked Haman that plotted to execute all Jewish people in Persia? Join us as we explore […]

Natilat Yadayim and Mayim Achronim Hand Washing Rituals

Netilat Yadayim and Mayim Achronim are two very similar rituals in Judaism of Hand-washing. But, there is a slight difference between the two that lies in the time of fulfilling and action, after which we perform Mayim Achronim. The ritual of hand-washing In Yiddish-speaking communities, is known as  negel vasser , which means "nail water." Washing after […]

Elijah Cup: Eliyahu Hanavi and Passover Traditions

Named after the prophet Elijah, Elijah’s cup is to be placed on every traditional Passover Seder table. It is a great Passover tradition to fill Kos Eliyahu with wine and have the children leave the door open, so that Elijah comes in and drinks from the wine cup. There is no direct reference to the […]