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Natilat Yadayim and Mayim Achronim Hand Washing Rituals

Netilat Yadayim and Mayim Achronim are two very similar rituals in Judaism of Hand-washing. But, there is a slight difference between the two that lies in the time of fulfilling and action, after which we perform Mayim Achronim. The ritual of hand-washing In Yiddish-speaking communities, is known as  negel vasser , which means "nail water." Washing after […]

Jewish housewarming traditions and Gifts

You have just been invited to a housewarming party! Moving into a new home can be quite stressful and your loved ones wish to share their great achievement with you, how can you reciprocate and help in this big step? Which gift a Jewish home will be thrilled to receive and what are some of […]

Choshen: Priestly Breastplate and 12 Tribes of Israel

Arranged in four lines and groups of three, twelve gemstones create the famous Choshen design. Known as the Priestly breastplate, the Choshen symbolism is derived from the Torah and remains a popular decoration on Judaica items: Shofars, Jewish jewelry, Shabbat Judaica and tallitot among other Jewish products. Choshen in the Torah In book of Exodus, […]