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Tallit Made in Israel

There’s no better choice for purchasing a tallit than choosing one that was fully designed and produced in Israel! These tallitot – made by a wide selection of manufacturers – are exported all around the world. In addition to simply being Israeli products, these Israeli tallitot are some of the most beautiful in production anywhere. […]

Tallit as a Gift

A tallit makes a great, practical, and long-lasting gift that would be appropriate for many Jewish occasions. Receiving a tallit is an important event in a Jewish person’s life, as the tallit is a sacred symbol and allows the wearer to perform the mitzvah (commandment) of wearing tzitzit. While there are many situations in which […]

Full Size Tallit vs. Narrow Tallit

There are two ways of wearing tallitot. While both of these ways of wearing a prayer shawl are equally “correct”, many people prefer to wear their tallitot a certain way either because they find it more aesthetically pleasing or because it is the norm in their branch of Judaism or in their synagogue. The most […]