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Havdalah: Why and how we make Havdalah?

On Friday night we welcome Shabbat with Kiddush, sanctifying the seventh day of the week out of all others. On Saturday night we sanctify Shabbat and mark its ending by separating it from everyday by Havdalah. With the first star appearing in the sky on Shabbat evening, we prepare for the Havdalah ritual. Once three […]

Tzitzit and Techelet: Tallit Strings and Tying Traditions

The Tallit Is one of the most important items in a Jewish man’s life and Jewish tradition. More than the Tallit itself are actually the fringes, tzitzit and techelet, attached to the tallit at its four corners.  White or white and blue, these fringes are called Tzitzit and they are as reminders of the Covenant […]

The Torah: Torah Scrolls and Torah Making

The written text is highly important in Judaism as it is believed that G-d communicates with us through the written word, the Torah. Therefore it is not surprising that we, the Jewish people, are often referred to as Am Ha-sefer, the people of the book. The Torah is not like any other Jewish books or […]