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Tallit Bags

Arguably one of the most important articles of clothing for a Jewish person is the tallit, or prayer shawl. The tallit prayer shawl is a delicate and sacred object, therefore it is important to protect it, for this reason many choose to use Tallit bags. Protecting the tallit is particularly important as a damaged tallit […]

Tallit Clips

Tallit clips are an appropriate accessory for any man or woman who wears a tallit during prayer. A tallit is a Jewish prayer shawl worn around the back and draped over the arms when praying.  Tallitot draped over the shoulders and arms often move around during praying, particularly during Jewish prayers that involve the transitioning […]

Tzitzit Tying and Knots Guide

There are several different traditions regarding the tying of Tzitzit that divide as Ashkenazi, Sephardic and Yemenite. These traditions do not include the wearing of Tekhelet, for which there are different traditions laid down in Jewish Law. The most widely recognized tradition is the Ashkenazi tradition and below is a guide to tying and wrapping […]