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Simpsons at The Western Wall

Somehow they haven’t aged. It’s probably got nothing to do with their diets. More likely the fact that they’re animated. After 20 years, the Simpsons are finally coming to Israel. The episode is scheduled to coincide with Passover, and details of the plot are sketchy, but what we do know is that Homer will develop […]

Jewish Kosher Justice

Uri L’Tzedek literally means, “Wake up for Justice”. Tzedek, though connotes a particular kind of Jewish justice, though not a justice that deals only with Jews. It is a sense that Jews have to pursue justice worldwide that was instilled in our people ever since the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai. The organization, headed by Shmuly Yanklowitz, […]

Jewish Temple Rebuilt

Sounds crazy, right? World War III? Maybe. Since the year 70 of the common era, Judaism has lost its crown jewel: the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. To rebuild it would take something of a complete metal switch from western culture to Jewish culture, by which I mean a national realization that the Jewish people must […]