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King David and the Lyre

King David’s harp has become a beautiful Jewish symbol that for centuries has symbolized the King’s creativity, musical talent, poetry and love to God. His love to God and belief in God’s strength has translated to the magnificent Tehilim book and many jewelry pieces. Crafted by artist, Rafael Jewelry, this sterling silver pendant is a […]

King David: Shepard, Warrior and Poet

A king, warrior, poet and author, David is one of the greatest men in Jewish history.  His talent knew no boundaries; his love for God has become eternal through Psalms, Tehilim the sweet book of poetry. The great king has inspired artists for centuries; statues of him stand in the old city of Jerusalem, playing […]

The Shema: Hear Yisrael

Recited by Moses and King David, the Shema prayer is the most ancient prayer in Judaism. This prayer is also one of the only two prayers commanded in the Torah, together with Birkat Hamzon. The prayer consists of three parts, taken from 2 different books: Deuteronomy and Numbers.               […]