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Miriam: Lady of Exodus and Prophetess

                                                 The year: 2362 (after Creation) Place: Egypt Event: one of the most prominent female figures in Jewish history is born, Miriam. Who is Miriam? Miriam is the daughter of Yocheved and […]

Tree of Life: Etz Ha’chayim

At first glance it is a beautiful green tree, standing firm and gives shade to anyone in need. A closer look will learn the symbolism and connection of this beautiful tree to our Torah and of course, Garden of Eden.Tree of life adorns many Judaica pieces and Jewish necklaces; it can be in the form […]

Tefillin Mitzvah: Significance, origin and how to put Tefillin

Symbolizing the Laws of God and His strength, putting tefillin is a great Mitzvah in Judaism. Connecting the heart, soul, brain and senses to the memory of Exodus, God’s presence in our life and our commitment in following Him and our laws, the tefillin is a way of reestablishing our connection and devotion to God […]