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Hamantaschen: The Symbolism behind Purim Cookies

Purim is a celebration of masquerade, Mishloach Manot, Hamantaschen and book of Esther reading. Every Jewish holiday focuses on a special dish and the triangular Hamantaschen are the symbolic food of Purim. Why triangular and why named after the wicked Haman that plotted to execute all Jewish people in Persia? Join us as we explore […]

How to Make the Perfect Black Turish Coffee Guide

Classic black or spiced with Cardamom, Turkish coffee will always inspire and motivate you in the morning, midday or afternoon. It is perfect for entertaining guests as you enjoy fine ground black coffee, continuing hundred of years’ tradition. The Turkish coffee is an inseparable part of Israeli culture, Jewish home and can be found in […]

5 of the Best Israeli Snacks

We all grew up on them and they will definitely be on our children’s favorite snacks list, Israeli snacks and candy are not like any other candy and snacks. All made in Israel, each snack has been part of a birthday party, Shabbat, play dates and so many other wonderful moments and memories. Bamba, Bisli grill, […]