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Best Israeli Breakfast: Delicious and amazing Recipes

We share the same faith, religion and heart, brave and compassionate, yet we are all of different origins and obviously share different taste in food! Yes, on our Rosh Hashanah table there will always be a dish with honey, apple and pomegranate. On our Passover table a Matzah and Haroset won’t be missed. But, what […]

Why Passover Coca-Cola Flies off the Shelves

Passover is two weeks away and Kosher for Passover Coca Cola has been flying off the shelves, both by Jews and non-Jews alike.  This begs the question: Why is Kosher for Passover so popular?  The answer lies in Coca Cola’s history and a decision that has affected nearly every other soda manufacturer. Coca Cola, contrary […]

Gefilte Fish

In tenth grade, I was assigned a rather interesting project to do for my Jewish history class. We were to interview a grandparent, have her tell her life story, in so many words, and then research the Jewish history of the country she came from. In my case, I chose to interview my grandmother, whose family hailed from Warsaw, […]