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Matzah History

Passover is not the first time that matzah is mentioned in the Bible. Generally speaking, what happens to the Jewish people from Pharaoh and on (Exodus etc.) is reflected in the stories of the Patriarchs (Genesis). For example, the Jews’ enslavement in Egypt is reflected by Sarah’s capture by Pharaoh in the same country several generations before. The exile […]

Uniquely Jewish Food

If you read about the preparation of the Passover sacrifice, the Paschal lamb, there is no mitzvah, or commandment, more delicious sounding. Of course, if you’re a vegetarian, you might be slightly irked. Unlike matzah or maror, it is not simply flour and water or a vegetable. But it is actually the central food of the Passover Holiday – […]

Matzah Baking at Home

Last night, for the first time in my life, I baked kosher Matzah that I can actually put on my Passover Seder Plate and use for the Pessach Seder for real. Not only was it fun, it tastes better and is a lot cheaper than buying handmade stuff from the supermarket. I did it with a Rabbi friend […]