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Megillat Esther: 5 amazing facts about Esther Scrolls

Reading Megillat Esther is in the center of Purim festival. Printed on Kosher scrolls, the book of Esther is to be read publicly in the synagogue on Purim day and next morning. Book of Esther is the last of the five scrolls that form part of the third division of the Tanakh, known as the […]

Groggers: Purim Noisemakers

Attending a prayer service on Purim in the synagogue can be quite a unique experience. If you haven’t had a chance to experience it, be prepared for the noisiest service you will ever attend, thanks to the grogger. On Purim the services focus on reading of Megillat Esther, or Book of Esther, and a famous […]

Top 4 Hanukkah Songs

One of our favorite Hanukkah traditions is singing Hanukkah songs after lighting the candles on our beautiful Hanukkiyah. No Chanukkah is complete without a stunning Menorah filling the room with light, delicious Latkes, made by Bubbe, or sweet Sufganiyot, a pair of dreidels for the annual family spin the dreidel competition! Now imagine the family […]