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Jewish Weddings-Humorous Stories by World of Judaica

So you’re standing there, under your Wedding Chuppah, having just walked down the aisle to “It’s Raining Men,” if you’re really gutsy, watching as this woman is slowly walking down that same aisle towards you with an artichoke bouquet in hand, and you’re wondering two things. First, if you’re going to suffer an epileptic fit right there due to […]

Fatherhood Without Brit Mila

My wife is pregnant. This is great, because it means I get to be responsible for making sure whatever comes out of there doesn’t kill itself accidentally. From what I hear, babies put everything in their mouths for the evolutionarily advantageous reason that if you put everything in your mouth all the time, you’ll every […]

Passover Cleaning

Once a year, Jews around the world participate in the ritual of giving their houses the equivalent of a full body cavity search. They’ll have you think that they do it because the Torah commands them to get rid of chametz on Passover or something like that, but the real reason is that they’ve lost […]