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Jewish Pregnancy and Poetry

When I was in seventh grade, I had an English class where we had to compile a book of our own poetry, which is where you try to say something about stuff by using words that haven’t been employed since the penning of Beowulf and sentence structure that would confuse Yoda enough to have him […]

Protestant Health Care Reformation

As we all know, the Federal Government is drowning in a big ocean of debt, and they need about $12 trillion dollars or so to swim out of it. This, when you think about numbers, isn’t so much when compared to, say, a mere 12 Milky Way Galaxies stacked back to back and stretched over the very fabric […]

On Having Kids and Pituitary Glands

There’s nothing funnier than giving birth. Except for maybe oral surgery without anesthesia. The day your wife gives birth, you pretty much feel like it would be quite considerate if you got your teeth pulled with rusty pliers just for the heck of it because otherwise you’re just sitting there watching her scream at you and you can’t do […]