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Chai Necklace

You may have seen it on the necks of many Jewish women. Men wear it, too. The Chai necklace conveys such a simple message. In English it sounds quite hippieish, a don’t-worry-be-cool Epicurean eat drink and be happy for tomorrow we die sort of thing. I mean, imagine if you wore a necklace that said “Live.” Not in […]

Jewish Jewelry Past to Present

A long, long time ago, in a land about 11 hours from the US East Coast by airplane, somewhere in the Sinai desert, the first collection of Jewish jewelry was created, and written down in the book of Exodus. In fact, Exodus can actually be read as the Jewish people’s trials and tribulations with jewelry. There was not only […]

Talit and Tefillin Jewelry

Star of David jewelry, Hamsa necklaces, evil eye bracelets and other accouterments associated with Judaism are actually relatively modern in the realm of Jewish jewelry. There is, though, an actual commandment, or mitzvah, to adorn various Jewish objects and practices with their own jewelry. It is actually more a general imperative than a specific commandment, but if comes from […]