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Play Monopoly Jerusalem Board Game

Once, many years ago, before the smart phones and Iphones’ era, children spent their free time playing outside, climbing trees or playing monopoly and scrabble. They learnt about their Jewish heritage, Israel and Jerusalem by listening to their grandparents’ stories about the Holy Land. But, not all hope is gone and especially for the 50th […]

Modular Menorahs: Modern and travel Hanukkah menorahs

One of the most beautiful things in Judaism is seeing ancient traditions strive in today’s modern world. In a fast-growing world, constantly changing, in which we are in a constant race to keep up with new technologies, it becomes harder and harder to stay true and faithful to family traditions and old customs, yet over […]

Miriam’s Cup

Miriam was born in Egypt and grew up with the dream of the Prosmised Land. At a time when women were to stand behind the men, she stepped forward as a leader and inspired our lives and continues to serve as a muse to Jewish artists and Judaica products. She has definitely inspired artist Lily […]