20th Maccabiah: 6 Amazing tips for a Family Maccabiah

This year the Maccabiah is celebrating 20 years and will be hosting 10000 athletes and competitions in 47 sports. It is a celebration of Jewish spirit, hope, unity that transcends time, space and oceans, connecting us all in an amazing and unbreakable bond. Can’t attend the Maccabiah and visit Israel? Here are 6 tips to making your very own Maccabiah in your backyard with your family!

1 Wheelbarrow Races

Partner the family members and having one driver and one blindfolded passenger in the wheelbarrow with softballs. Have them competing in a race to place the soft ball on the balls on the cones and race back with the softballs to the next teammates. 

2 Potato sack Race

Everyone loves a good running race! We are Husain bullet, but we’d love to beat our older brother or sister and show our great speedy moves. This classic competition is perfect for ages 5 and up. 

3 Water bowling with watermelon or coconut

This fun game is a great idea by Doenella Crigger on Glue Sticks & Gumdrops 23 outdoor games for a summer blast. Prep water filled bottles and your favorite fruit and game is on!

4 Volleyball

A fan of ball games and have a big family? This game is perfect for you, just find a field, matching shirts for teammates and you are all set for handball and our number 5!

5 Handball

A ball, field and no explanations needed; it is a great outdoor sport and family game time.

6 Scavenger hunt

Prep your bikes and create a fantastic scavenger hunt when every stage focuses on Jewish traditions and biblical figures. You can play in teams of four or partner up parent with child, and ride your bike on the way to the secret and picnic venue. 

Are you wandering what prizes you should have? Well, a great prize idea can be letting the winner select the next fun family activity. Visit our OyVey blog to find special prizes with special meaning, for example, Hebrew name necklaces, inspiring Jerusalem gifts or Israeli souvenirs that can be a fantastic option.

This unique family Maccabiah can also transform to a fun family day on Father’s day or Mother’s day.