Hand-Painted Ram Shofars: Inspiring Jewish Symbols

Hand-painted ram shofars send strong messages with their depictions more than a 1,000 words would ever do. Painted doves will carry the shofars’ tales across oceans and time from one generation to the next, telling the great history of our nation. Part of Rosh Hashanah and a beautiful Jewish symbol, ram shofars are often painted with Rosh Hashanah symbols to convey to story of the Jewish holiday and represent Judaism in the most beautiful and special way there is.

Painted shofars are not Kosher for blowing on Rosh Hashanah, but do make for a stunning and meaningful Rosh Hashanah gift and beautiful art to decorate a traditional Jewish home with.

613 seeds and countless blessings, the pomegranate is usually painted in red tones against the dark brown ram shofar.

The pomegranates seeds represent God’s commandments, and by choosing this type of decorated shofar, one makes a statement about his attitude towards God laws and their place in his home and life.

Ram shofar painted with biblical themes

Moses leading the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land across the Red sea is similar to Rosh Hashanah. The people came from slavery to freedom, physically crossing the desert and sea, coming out to dry and better soil where they can grow and raise their families, teaching them of tradition and mitzvot. On Rosh Hashanah we emerge the same way, we reestablish ourselves and reborn as God’s wishes us to be, better on fertile soil where we grow in our faith and commitment.

Anointing shofar

Once used to anoint King David, today hand-painted shofars represent the many blessing given through the act of anointing. Wish to bestow someone with countless blessings, present them with an anointing shofar, hand-painted and perfect to hold anointing oils, telling the stories of King David.

So, painted ram shofars might not be Kosher for blowing during the High Holidays, but it doesn't mean you cannot blow them and practice your sounding the shofar skills. Decorated shofars are a great way to teach the kids how to blow and clean a shofar as well as passing the stories of Moses, Rosh Hashanah and King David to the young and tender.

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