How to Prepare for Shabbat: 4 Amazing Tips

The table is set; bubbe’s polished candlesticks are in the center, silverware is on the white map, a vase with flowers as the centerpiece and the whole house is filled with your favorite childhood scents of baked challah, fish and baked potatoes. Shabbat sounds heavenly and serene, but we all know that what goes on before Shabbat is far from serene! So, how do we stay calm and peaceful as we prepare for Shabbat the Queen? And there is a lot of preparation involved, but it is possible!

Just follow our amazing tips below and you will not only enjoy Shabbat evening, but enter and welcome it without losing yourself in all the arrangements.

Tip 1: Clean house happy house

We always tend to postpone cleaning the house for Shabbat to Friday morning, on top of the cooking and other errands. We suggest start prepping the evening before, Thursday afternoon, create a family routine of everyone having their own choir and get everybody into Shabbos atmosphere and empower their contribution.

Tip 2: Menu and Shabbat Dinner delights

After lighting the candles, the most important part of Shabbat is the family dinner. Everyone are around the table, sharing stories from the past week, it is always quality time and no Jewish home can be called Jewish home if there is no food when entertaining and having family time.

So, if you are having guests over for Kiddush dinner, make sure to check in advance if they have any special issues or allergies related to the dishes you planned to serve and only then start working on your menu. Whether you love traditional Shabbat dinners or like to mix the dishes with a special twist, if you are entertaining for Shabbat, your guests and their preferences should be addressed in your menu.

Tip 3: Make a List

Well, we recommend having two lists; the first should be for the ingredients you need for your menu and the second for when you will cook each of the dishes. Yes, a list or a written plan will help you in staying calm and on top of everything. If you love serving casseroles, sometimes it is best to prep them the day before, whereas salads or hot dishes should be made Friday morning. Breaking your menu into 2 days makes everything easier and you will be much more relaxed and ready to enjoy Shabbat atmosphere.

Tip 4: Don’t forget yourself

Shabbat, such a magical night, a day beginning Friday night and ending the evening the following day. It is very easy and most rewarding to dedicate it to the people we love the most. But, the tips we mentioned above are to help you in finding a bit of quite time and dedicate it to yourself. Instead of running all Friday morning in errands, from store to store or around the house, picking up things after the kids, or cleaning another corner, dedicate it to your favorite thing, hobby. Have the morning to yourself and you will be 100% ready to receive Shabbat as the royal you are. Finding time for yourself will boost you up with energy, making Shabbat even more precious as you welcome it relaxed, content and happy.

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