Jewish housewarming traditions and Gifts

You have just been invited to a housewarming party! Moving into a new home can be quite stressful and your loved ones wish to share their great achievement with you, how can you reciprocate and help in this big step? Which gift a Jewish home will be thrilled to receive and what are some of the Jewish traditions you can expect in the housewarming party?

First things first, no Jewish home can be called really Jewish without mezuzahs hung on the doorsteps. The mezuzahs must be checked and hung by a professional, so your job is to browse our amazing mezuzahs collection and pick between mezuzahs for outdoor use and mezuzahs for indoor use, don’t forget adding the Mezuzah scroll to the package, which is more important than the mezuzah case since it contains the actual text from the Torah handwritten on a special parchment.

Bread, Salt and Sugar tradition

It is tradition to bring bread, salt, sugar and wine to the new Jewish home to afford the new residents the following blessings:
-“Bread so that you shall never know hunger”
-“Salt, so your life shall always have flavor”
-“Sugar and so your life shall always have sweetness”

Food Gifts

In all things Jewish, food is the star of the event, what everyone talks about and what makes everyone happy and a housewarming is no exception. To bestow best wishes and good luck in the new home, a food gift of traditional items is recommended: Challah, wine, cookies, rugelach, cakes, babka, candies, chocolates and nuts are all excellent choices. Don’t have a recipe for a winning rugelach? Get the very best recipe in our Jewish recipes section.

After the kitchen the most popular room in all Jewish homes is the library. We are Am Hasefer and as such we will bring some Jewish books and a tzedakah box into the home even before the movers bring in the rest of the boxes. This establishes the Jewish flavor of the home; a home which will hopefully be a haven of study and kindness.

When dedicating a new home, the shehecheyanu blessing is recited. The words are:

Baruch Ata A-do-nai Elo-heinu Melech Haolam she-hech-e-ya-nu v'ki-ma-nu v'hi-gi-ya-nu li-z'man hazeh.
Blessed are You, L-rd our G?d, King of the Universe, who has granted us life, sustained us and enabled us to reach this occasion.
The custom today is that when celebrating the housewarming, a new fruit is eaten, and the shehecheyanu blessing is recited while having in mind that it should apply to both the new home and the new fruit.
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