Jewish Temple Rebuilt

Sounds crazy, right? World War III? Maybe. Since the year 70 of the common era, Judaism has lost its crown jewel: the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. To rebuild it would take something of a complete metal switch from western culture to Jewish culture, by which I mean a national realization that the Jewish people must rebuild themselves completely from the top down. As of this moment, the only thing stopping the state of Israel from actually rebuilding the Temple is lack of cultural and political will. Translated into a very simple term: fear.

According to a poll conducted over 8 years ago sponsored by the Dahaf Institute way back in 2002, an astonishing 53% of Israeli Jews said they would like to see the Temple rebuilt on the Temple Mount. The implications of the poll are that, culturally, the Jewish State may finally be molding itself to return to its spiritual roots and take big steps. A more recent poll has not been conducted, but my guess is that the number has risen to the 60% mark or higher.

The situation on the Temple Mount for Jews presently is nothing short of shocking. Jews are forbidden from Jewish Prayer on the mount, or from carrying on them any religious material like chai necklaces, mezuzah jewelry, or any star of David jewelry, or anything that symbolizes Jewish religion in order not to incense the Arabs. Even worse than that, archaeological treasures are being dumped from the mount in truckloads constantly, with thousands of years of Jewish heritage and Jewish history going to the dumps with it.

As recorded in I Kings, King Hiram of Lebanon sent cedars that King Solomon used to build the foundations of the First Temple. Those cedars, if actually sent, should be about 2,900 years old. There are enormous wooden pillars at the base of the Temple Mount that are simply lying there. Carbon dating has been done on them recently, confirming that they indeed are close to 3,000 years old. And they lay there.