King David and the Lyre

King David’s harp has become a beautiful Jewish symbol that for centuries has symbolized the King’s creativity, musical talent, poetry and love to God. His love to God and belief in God’s strength has translated to the magnificent Tehilim book and many jewelry pieces.

Crafted by artist, Rafael Jewelry, this sterling silver pendant is a beautiful representation of King David essence and the many ways he has inspired us and effected Jewish history.

If you are looking for inspiration, this harped shaped pendant will infuse you with creative forces and bless your days with serenity and music and it has with the greatest king in Jewish history. Jewish jewelry have always been a wonderful source for inspiration and way to demonstrate our heritage and faith. Jewelry inspired by great gifures in our history carry an even greater message to the world about our unique sense of self, values and dreams, through their exceptional detailing. Learn more in detail about King David, here.

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