King David: Shepard, Warrior and Poet

A king, warrior, poet and author, David is one of the greatest men in Jewish history.  His talent knew no boundaries; his love for God has become eternal through Psalms, Tehilim the sweet book of poetry. The great king has inspired artists for centuries; statues of him stand in the old city of Jerusalem, playing the harp and many Judaica items have been crafted and decorated with his image, including our famous Star of David symbol, whose name was inspired by David's shield.

What is the magic about this man and why has he been standing out among all other figures in Jewish history?


Who is David?

Born in the Judah tribe, the young man, a Sheppard to his father’s flocks, protected his sheep as if they were his own children.
G?d, therefore, said: "One who can so faithfully tend to his animals, each according to its personal needs, I can safely entrust him with the care of My holy lambs – My people."

King David’s achievements

The young Sheppard proved his strength when he defeated Goliath, champion of the Philistines. David was victorious because he trusted not in himself, but in God for the victory, a faith and love that continued to grow every day and inspire his music.
David’s musical talent was so great that King Saul hired the young boy to play for him on his lyre, curing the old king from his melancholy.
And so, when the prophet Samuel was disappointed with King Saul, he followed God’s advice to Bethlehem, to find young David, hearing God’s voice, anointed him as the new king of Israel.
The famous and powerful king managed to fulfill Moses’ plan to transform Jerusalem to the center of Israel and conquer the city. The Judah tribe became the ruler of the holiest city.
David’s talent and inspired soul have translated into the wonderful collection of Book of Psalms, which he has collected, adding his own work to it.

Book of Psalms, Tehilim

This book is a book of poetry, infused with love to God, nature and land of Israel. It demonstrates David’s profound love to God, his faith in His commandments, speaking of His greatness, mercy, reflecting God’s presence in time of sorrow and joy in life.

Psalms 23:6
Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever. (NIV)

This verse is one of the most famous verses in Tehilim, demonstrating God’s goodness, strength and love to those who follow Him, as well as David’s deep faith and adoration to the Creator of the universe.
The work on Tehilim was concluded when King David was no longer on throne.

David and the Lyre

The lyre, King David’s musical instrument has become a famous symbol, taking the form of Jewish necklaces and Judaica pieces.
Choosing a harp piece symbolizes one’s admiration of the king and his ways, in addition to blessing them with David’s strength of spirit and romantic soul

Painted Kudu shofar displays King David as he plays his harp, composing melodies to his verses about God

Harp shaped pendant so that David’s presence will forever be with you, inspiring you in your faith, love and creativity

Mezuzah with David playing the harp is a wonderful gift to have the power of creativity in your home

King David has loved God from childhood until his last days, operating and creating in His name, being motivated to act, lead, and compose in great spirits. May this article inspire you in your days and nights to be strong in your faith, and create and inspire others.

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