Painted Yemenite Shofars: Storytellers of Jewish Traditions

While it is safer to put away the precious instrument in a shofar’s bag or stand, painted shofars are crafted to be displayed and admired. While they are not Kosher for blowing on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, they will certainly tell anyone who wishes to hear the stories of these Jewish holidays and customs. Hand-painted in the most beautiful depiction, half or entirely polished, your ram or kudu shofar will tell the story of ancient times, Jewish heritage and legends of our ancestors to those who enter your home and inspire you every day.

Decorated in floral or paisley themes, these painted shofars are an absolute work of art, crafted by talented artists and mostly embellished with scenes from the Torah and Rosh Hashanah themes. Shofars are a great Jewish symbol and as such it is expected for them to be painted with holiday related themes, like pomegranates, Jerusalem, Star of David and biblical themes as you will soon discover!

Painted Shofar with Star of David

The quintessential Jewish symbol, Star of David, is the perfect theme to paint the shofar with. It is the symbol of the Jewish people, representing pride in being Jewish and demonstrating that Jewish heritage and tradition are deeply rooted and part in the household owning it and most suitable for a modern Jewish family.
Half-polished, this kudu’s horn shofar is most beautiful and radiates Jewish pride through the blue gem adorning the Magen David

Painted Shofars with Pomegranates

The pomegranate, 613 seeds, 613 blessing decorating a Jewish symbol that is to remind us on a daily basis of God’s commandments and His promise to bless us when we follow Him. A Rosh Hashanah symbol and food eaten so our blessings in the New Year will be as the pomegranates seeds, it is a stunning holiday gift.
Painted Shofar with Jerusalem

Part of the Jewish consciousness, in our heart and dreams, beautiful Jerusalem embellishes many shofars in various styles. Owning a Jerusalem decorated shofar is having a piece of its magic in your home and makes for a remarkable home décor piece.

Biblical Themed Painted Shofar

One of the moments defining the Jewish people is of Moses receiving the tablets at Mount Sinai from God. Will be as a constant reminder to the Convent between us and Him

Or Noah’s Ark to symbolizes a man’s virtues and God’s blessings, guiding us to remember taking the right path

Telling the stories of our ancestors and urging us to listen with their blasts, painted shofars are a work of art and make for outstanding Rosh Hashanah gifts.
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