Summer Getaway in Israel

Israel is a warm country with high humidity rates, but it is still a fun and amazing destination for your summer holiday. If you are here to visit family and friends or just want to explore this lovely country, we have prepared a summary of seven places to see and great things to do, because seven is a lucky number:

1.  Even if it is hot, it doesn’t mean you cannot go hiking and exploring the desert landscape in South of Israel. Makhtesh Ramon is one of Israel’s and the world’s wonders. You can start early and enjoy the magnificent desert sunset and chilly desert weather or arrive in the afternoon and camp under the amazing starry sky. Hike in the trail of Israel or sit and enjoy the view from the visitors’ center, you will have an amazing experience and create memories that will last a lifetime.
2.  From this beautiful spot you can continue to Ein Gedi, a green spot in the deset scenery and where you can dip your feet in the cool oasis water. You can also go hiking in this special park, where David took refuge from King Saul, watch the wildlife and Arugot flow-year round through beautiful canyons.
3. If you are looking for great sandy beaches you should definitely go to Beit Yannai beach, located south of Caesarea, Herzeliya or Tel-Aviv and of course the beautiful and blue Eilat beach. Relaxing in the sun is the best way to relax during summer holiday and the best spot to enjoy glorious sunsets.
4. Interested in Israeli cuisine? Mediterranean restaurants are on every corner and Falafel and hummus is simply a must. Light and delicious these dishes are perfect for summer.
5. If you love walking around or having a coffee in a hip coffee shop, watching the streets, Florentine neighborhood in Tel Aviv is a great choice, offering cool coffee shops and amazing graffiti art in this small neighborhood. You can also sit under the beautiful trees on Rothschild Boulevard; hide from the sun or cycle through Tel-Aviv from this picturesque street.
6. Tel-Aviv is also a great place for the culture lovers among you, offering free activities every day during the summer. You can listen to live music and enjoy a concert by renowned Israeli artists for free in Tel-Aviv port or Museum of art.
7. In the north of Israel you can go fruit picking in Golan Heights and eat delicious berries, grapes or peach while enjoying the lovely view of Golan and green north.

Have an amazing time and share it with your loved ones!