Tallit Size Guide

There are two basic ways to wear a tallit, with some variations depending on sect. Wearing the Tallit in a scarf style where it is draped over your shoulders is more popular in the more liberal Jewish circles of Reform, Reconstructionist, and some liberal Conservative synagogues. The following chart will give you a basic idea of appropriate sizes for this style.

1’6″ x 5′ – Bar Mitzvah
1’6″ x 6′ – Tall Bar Mitzvah
1’10” x 6′ – Around 6′
2’2″ x 6′ – Slightly larger adult around 6′
3′ x 6′ – Extra large frame adult
2′ x 6’6″ – Tall slim adult around 6’6″
2’3″ x 6’6″ – Tall larger adult around 6’6″

The other way to wear a tallit is the traditional style where the wearer folds the sides over his shoulders on both sides. This style is easier to wear with a jacket, which increases the friction on the Tallit, enabling it to stay in place better. These tallitot will be wider and taller than above, but the same length.  They are also more popular amongst more traditional groups such as Orthodox, Tradtional/Masorati and Conservative Jewry.

3′ x 6′ – Bar/Bat Mitzvah
3’8″ x 6′ – Tall Bar Mitzvah
4’6″ x 6′ – Average Size Adult
5′ x 6’6″ – Large Adult
6′ x 7′ – Extra Large Adult