5 of the Best Israeli Snacks

We all grew up on them and they will definitely be on our children’s favorite snacks list, Israeli snacks and candy are not like any other candy and snacks. All made in Israel, each snack has been part of a birthday party, Shabbat, play dates and so many other wonderful moments and memories. Bamba, Bisli grill, Apropo, Elite Para milk chocolate and pretzel are our favorite Israeli snacks and we are positive they are part of your childhood, reminding you of great moments and friends with every crispy and sweet bite.

Osem Peanut-Flavored Bamba

Made from peanut butter flavored puffed maize, Osem Bamba has starred the top list of Israeli snacks since 1964. No birthday party table is complete without it and it is the ultimate snack for babies-melting in the mouth snack and being preservatives and food-coloring free. It is available in various flavors, but nothing beats the classic peanut flavored bamba!

Osem Bisli Grill

Crunchy and swirled shape, bisli grill is another great Israeli classic snack. Made of wheat and available in various flavors: barbecue, pizza and onion, it is the second most popular snack after bamba, made by Osem. One fun fact you probably didn’t know about bisli is the name’s origin; a combination of the Yiddish word ‘Bis’ meaning ‘Bite’ and Hebrew word ‘Li’ meaning ‘for me’, creating ‘Bite for me’.

Elite Para Milk Chocolate with Popping Rocks

Shokolad Para, is probably the most famous and popular Israeli milk chocolate and a favorite with the ultimate and fierce wonder woman, Gal Gadot. Elite’s popping rocks version still keeps the classic milk chocolate, but with a surprise popping affect. This chocolate is perfect for a bit of inspirational girl power and our wonder woman will say the same. Need proof? Just watch this clip of Gal sharing her favorite Israeli candy live on Jimmy Fallon.

Apropo Corn Snack

Dip it in Kottage cheese or any other dip you like and enjoy a healthy and crispy break with Apropo. Made from corn and preservatives free, it is Osem’s ultimate party snack. Planning to entertain gusts for the weekend or birthday party, be sure to add it to your shopping list.

Israeli Pretzel Shtuchim with Seseame Seeds

Salty and crispy, Osem’s Pretzel Shtuchim covered with sesame seeds is the ultimate TV snack. These new extra thin are bite-size and make for a great snack on birthdays, entertaining or relaxing on Shabbat or as you watch your favorite TV show.

So, are these on your ultimate Israeli snack list? These are our favorites and we couldn’t be more proud of these classic made-in-Israel snacks!
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