Best Israeli Breakfast: Delicious and amazing Recipes

We share the same faith, religion and heart, brave and compassionate, yet we are all of different origins and obviously share different taste in food! Yes, on our Rosh Hashanah table there will always be a dish with honey, apple and pomegranate. On our Passover table a Matzah and Haroset won’t be missed. But, what about our breakfast table? Again, we can guarantee that it will vary from family to family! Each family has its own delicacies; classic pancake, oatmeal or eggs with freshly chopped salad.

We can argue forever on which breakfast is the healthiest, tastiest and most special, but we are pretty sure you are about to agree that this one below, is the breakfast that will make your heart melt with memories, long for distant places and make the entire Jewish nation say, more please!
Rich in spices, protein, fresh ingredients, colors and tastes: classic Shakshuka, Israeli chopped vegetables salad, Labaneh dip and chocolate Cinnamon rugelach for desert, these four make for the ultimate and all-time favorite Israeli cuisine breakfast:

Born in North Africa and imported to Israel, Shakshuka is a popular breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner option. A dish of eggs poached in tomato sauce, sweet peppers and spices, it is often served with Fetta cheese and pita bread on the side. Cooked on a pan, it will make your family members and friends beg for another portion as you sit around the pan, sharing great stories and devouring it. Get the recipe!

Israeli Chopped Vegetables Salad

We don’t know how you like your salad, but promise you that this simple fresh vegetables salad didn’t receive his award for being The Israeli salad for nothing. It will go perfect with your delicious Shakshuka so don’t forget to grab this recipe   

Labaneh Dip topped with Pistachio and Pomegranate

With a special Pistachio and pomegranate sweet twist, this Labaneh dip will bring Lebanese flavors and tell you stories of beautiful and ancient traditions with every bite and dip. For the recipe, click here.

Chocolate Cinnamon Rugelach

Crispy and sweet, these chocolate cinnamon rugelach are simply divine and will make for a great finish to your energizing breakfast! Skipping breakfast? Not with these yummy gluten-free treats that will go perfectly with a fresh mint tea or black Turkish coffee. Don’t miss them and grab the recipe!

These four dishes are truly a symbol of the fantastic and unique Israeli cuisine. Bringing together flavors, spices and ingredients from all over the world, they create 1 amazing Israeli breakfast. So mix & match and don’t worry any combination you choose will make your loved ones ask for more!

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