Embellished Shofars: Learn about Yom Kippur through silver ornaments

Blowing the Shofar at Neilat prayer at the end of Yom Kippur is inseparable of Yom Kippur Mitzvot and essence. With the Shofar’s sounding, the sound reaches everyone in the congregation, piercing our hearts and thoughts.

After fasting, prayer and repentance we must be ready to welcome a new self, clean of past sins and ready to face new challenges and what the future might bring. But, let’s take a moment and remember the past and our Jewish history and story. Look at the shofar before you, hear its story and story of our patriarchs and story of God, and listen to the message sent to you through the Shofar and silver detailing.

Listen to the story this Silver-Plated Yemenite Kudu Shofar is telling you and pass it on, so that all remember it on Yom Kippur:

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