Groggers: Purim Noisemakers

Attending a prayer service on Purim in the synagogue can be quite a unique experience. If you haven’t had a chance to experience it, be prepared for the noisiest service you will ever attend, thanks to the grogger. On Purim the services focus on reading of Megillat Esther, or Book of Esther, and a famous custom is to make noise with the noise maker, grogger.
Grogger is Yiddish for rattle. Its basic operation is simple: a wooden cog is attached to a handle, with a freely rotating wood slat fitted into the teeth. When the rattle is swung around, the slat is forced to move around the cog, vibrating every time it passes a tooth, creating noise each time the evil enemy of the Jews, Haman, is mentioned. Haman’s plot was to harm the Jewish community in Persia and win the king’s honor. But, with Esther and Mordechai’s courage, the Jewish community was saved and Haman received the punishment he deserved.
Small, but carrying great power, Purim noisemakers come in various designs and colors, how can one grogger teach your children the story of Purim and values? Just read the story this noisemaker tells you

Embellshed with colorful paintings of masks, groggers and the famous scene of Haman leading Mordechai the Jew on a horse, wearing the king's robes, this Purim noisemaker is a wonderful Purim symbol. The pictures will tell the story of Purim, the Jewish nation's story and how two brave people, Mordechai and his niece, Esther, risked their lives for their community. It is an inspirational story, carrying a message of hope and relevant always, whether you live in Israel or Diaspora- always be proud of your heritage, have faith and the best will win. 

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