Our Guide for a DeLIGHTful Hanukkah

Hanukkah is only one week away and we are so excited and can hardly wait to celebrate it with our loved ones! Celebrating god’s miracles with lighting the Hanukkiya, Latkes, dreidels in the comfort of our warm and cozy home when it’s cold and snowy outside is simply fantastic! To make each day special and unforgettable, we have gathered here some of our recommendations to have a fun family time on each of the eight Hanukkah days, to make it as memorable as possible for the young and older generations!

1.  No Hanukkah is complete without retelling the Maccabee’s heroic story to the young generation. Sharing the great warrior’s story will inspire your children as you read with them the book of the Maccabee and play with the soft Maccabee toy.
2.  One of the things we all wait and expect is lighting the Hanukkiya; anxiously waiting and looking forward to seeing it all lit up on the eight day of Hanukkah. Since playing with matches and fire is dangerous for children, they can still participate in this wonderful tradition and craft their menorah with a colorful puzzle. They will enjoy completing one branch each day and learn the Hebrew Alphabet during all eight Hanukkah days!
3. Have a family spin the dreidel competition! Create your own family tradition and we insure you both the young and older generation will have a blast and it will keep your kids busy on cold Hanukkah evenings!
4.  For the artistic families among you; coloring dreidels and hanukkiyot in unique patterns will be a great choice! We have everything you could ask for a fun and colorful evening right here.
5. Tell the story of the oil miracle and Hanukkah story in your very own puppet theatre! You can easily create cloth finger figures of a Hanukkiya, Maccabee warrior, dreidel and Greek soldier. Color them in bright colors and put your own Hanukkah play together. You can also get an already handmade set here.  
6. Your Hanukkah festivities won’t be complete without delicious homemade Latkes. Simple and classic or with a spicy twist- choose a recipe and watch your loved ones lick their fingers, begging for one more Latke!
7. Or treat your loved ones with sweet gem sufganiyot or dreidel cookies!
8.  This is it, the last day of Hanukkah and it calls for a family celebration! Make your table as festive as possible with our wonderful serving pieces, start with a delicious chicken soup to warm you up, continue with a chickpea salad or hummus and end chicken curry or pasta! Find the best and tastiest recipes right here.

Happy Hanukkah!