Painted Shofar: Beautiful Rosh Hashanah Symbol

Hand-painted in beautiful colors with Jewish symbols, painted shofars, are not Kosher for blowing on Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah. But, they are Kosher Jewish symbols, carrying magnificent art work and extremely important in Jewish life and traditions.

Judaica products often strive to tell stories from Jewish history, torah and convey messages dating back to biblical times. A painted shofar is no exception to this tradition and you will see magnificent ram and kudu shofars hand-painted with Moses and the Tablets, Moses crossing the red sea, Jerusalem and Temple in gold. Being a Rosh Hashanah symbol, a shofar painted with pomegranates cannot go unmentioned. 

So, for a blessed Rosh Hashanah nothing beats wonderfully painted shofars! Once woven on Priests’ robes, and brought from Erets Israel with 6 other species to symbolize the fertile land, pomegranates have positive healthy benefits as well as being beautiful Rosh Hashanah symbols. They are ready to tell you stories of ancient times and legends of Jewish history, if you are willing to tilt your ears and listen. Accompanying us from the old year into the new and promising year, painted shofars are an essential in every traditional Jewish home.

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