The Festival of Purim

The Festival of Purim
Purim time
Purim time
A big festival for the Jewish people

Masks, noisemakers
songs and dances. 

Wind your noisemakers – "rash rash rash"
Wind your noisemakers – "rash rash rash" Wind your noisemakers – "rash rash rash" With your noisemakers.

Although we dress up in Purim and exchange sweets and food, it is definitely not a typical Halloween.
Purim is a holiday of victory to the Jewish people, who lived despite Haman’s, the prime minister of the Persian kingdom, to exterminate them. Purim means “The casting of lots”, due to the fact that Haman intended to pursue with his wicked plan on one single day, chosen by lottery.

Today it is a festival, where young and old wear colorful and wonderful costumes, walking the streets and gifting each other Purim baskets, or in their Hebrew name “Mishloach manot”. This tradition dates back to the book of Esther, when gifts of food were sent to families, in order to ensure their tables would be full for the celebration of redemption and escape from Haman’s wicked plan. These baskets were also sent to the poor, who came to collect them, in disguise in order to protect their dignity. People begin to prepare for this holiday at least a month in advance, choosing the right costume, handmade or bought, searching for the perfect Purim party and preparing the mishloach manot.

You can dress up as a clown, Queen Esther, king or your favorite super hero, with a noisemaker in one hand and a mishloach manot in the other, and go out to the streets, rejoice and celebrate.

Happy Purim!