The Seder plate: Passover Foods and Symbols

It is in the center of every traditional Passover Seder table, made from various materials and adorned with various spring and Jerusalem themed decorations, the Seder plate, is the centerpiece of Pesach. Holding 6 bowls, one for each of the Seder foods, it is also the epitome of the Jewish holidays and what it represents to us. The classic Seder plate will always feature the holiday’s name in the center ‘Pesach’, most often in Hebrew and English and the six foods’ names beside every bowl: Kaprpas, Haroset, Zeroa, Beitzah, Hazeret and Maror. What is special in the chosen foods and why were they chosen? Let’s discover as we embark on our Passover pilgrimage around this ceramic Seder plate.

In book of Exodus it is said: “G?d took us from Egypt with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm”. The Seder plate definitely reminds us of G-d’s intervention and presence in our history and faith. This verse is the symbol of Passover- the deliverance of the Jewish nation from slavery to spring.
As you plan your Pesach Seder, shop for the ingredients for the festive, read the Haggadah with the family, may your Seder plate remind you of the wonderful deeds G-d has performed to us and keeps performing daily in our lives.
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