The Ultimate Lag BaOmer Experience

On the 33rd day Counting of the Omer, Lag BaOmer arrives and it is celebrated in the memory of Bar Kokhba revolt and defeating the Romans. Sweeping hidden corners and collecting wood supplies around the city, choosing the ideal location for the bonfire are only two of the things involved in having a fantastic Lag BaOmer celebration. It is a children’s festive holiday and preparation begins weeks before the actual celebration.

This year Lag BaOmer is on the May 26th and here are five essentials for an amazing and truly authentic Lag BaOmer:

1. Be sure to collect as many wood supplies as possible for a glorious bonfire and choose a safe location where you, friends and family can sit by the fire, admiring its colors staying warm.
2. Make a selection of Lag BaOmer songs to sing around the bonfire, one of the most popular songs is: Bar Kokhba.
3. Prepare your potatoes and marshmallows to roast in and on the fire. Carefully wrap the potatoes in tin foil and insert into the fire, when it ready you will enjoy a delicious and soft potato and for dessert the marshmallow will melt on your tongue.
4. Another custom is telling scary stories or “Chizbats” in Hebrew, around the bonfire. While you are baking your potato you will have plenty of time to imagine and come up with a story that will leave your friends amazed.   
5. For additional entertainment play bows and arrows.
That’s it, you are set to have your own Lag BaOmer festivity, enjoy!