Time for Love-Israel Style

Every corner in Israel is full with history, beauty and culture. It is a beautiful country, thanks to its diverse nature and landscape; from the desert, skyscrapers to the green North. It is also rich in romantic spots where you can enjoy the view and have a romantic moment with your loved one. Especially for Tu B’Av, Yom HaAhava, we have prepared a selection of the very best and romantic places in Israel:

1. The North of Israel is a romantic destination to many couples thanks to the amazing selection of wooden cabins, situated on hills, greenish villages with picturesque scenery and lovely views. These cabins are also called ‘Tzimerim’ and if you choose this option, you will definitely have an unforgettable time!
2. If you are an art and culture loving couple, be sure to spend a few hours in Ein Hod, the small artistic village in the North. It is full of art galleries and workshops as well as being a true picturesque gem.
3. There’s nothing better and more relaxing than having a picnic with your loved one, while enjoying a marvelous view in Ramat HaNadiv gardens. Walk along the trails of the garden, smell the roses and relax on the green grass.
4. In the center of Israel, in the city that never sleeps, watch the sunset, walk up and down stone alleys in Old Jaffa. It is definitely a place you will not want to miss; it will take you back to romantic times as you finish your stroll along its narrow streets and enjoy the view of the sea.
5. If you are a sportive couple then a bike ride through the Yarkon Park in the center of Tel Aviv is a great activity for two. You can ride along the Yarkon river, rest under a hundred year old tree or continue to the Port of Tel-Aviv, another romantic spot, full of cafes and restaurants perfect for a romantic evening with your loved one.
6. In the Yarkon Park you can also surprise your beloved with a hot air balloon experience! Fly and enjoy Tel-Aviv from the sky.
7. Jerusalem is always a great choice for romantic quality time. The Jerusalem stone alleys and houses will remind you of ancient times, young girls dancing in the vineyards, dressed in white. It is a great city to create new memories and the botanic gardens are an absolute must as well as Nachlaot neighborhood, with its narrow and winding lanes.
Have a happy Tu B’Av!