Ana B’Koach: Meaning of Jewish Piyyut and Practice in Jewish Life

Written in the first century by a kabalistic Rabbi Nehunia Ben Hakannah, Ana BeKoach prayer is a beautiful and popular adornment and inspiration for Jewish Jewelry.

The prayer was written according to the seventy names of HaShem and is composed of seven lines, with six words in each line. Taking the first letter of every word is taken, creating the 42-letter name corresponding to one of the Holy Names of HaShem. Celebrating the Lord of creation, the prayer is recited at the beginning of Shabbat, before Lecha Dodi. Shabbat is the seventh day, closing creation. This powerful letter combination is hidden in the first 42 letters of Genesis book that presents the story of creation.
The Meaning of the Prayer
According to Kabalistic sources, the power of the prayer lies in its energy and ability to connect the material and spiritual world.  When meditating and reciting the prayer, one is taken back to the pure energy of Creation, infusing the soul and mind with positive energy, especially at the end of the week, at the end of a tiring and chaotic period.
How can jewelry pieces carry this special energy and fill the wearer with positivity? Find out below:


Not always we are able to stop for a moment and make time for prayer. This stunning prayer necklace will fill you with pure energy, whether you are having a tiring day or wish to cleanse yourself and prepare for an exciting and new period in your life. Such a jewelry piece will make for an unforgettable gift to your loved ones, carrying a unique energy and ability, transforming their everyday life into brighter and more significant.

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