Inspiring Hebrew Name Jewelry

Ehud Manor, an Israeli renowned poet once wrote the following line: ‘Only a word in Hebrew pierces my veins…’ in his famous poem ‘Ein Li Eretz Acheret’ from 1982. This line has become a symbol to the strong connection an individual has with his Jewish roots and Israel. Nothing touches a chord in our hearts more than a word in our mother tongue. It always take us back to our childhood, brings back distant landscapes and places we thought were forgotten.

No matter where you are and what you are doing I am sure that as you read the first sentence, it touched you and made you realize how much you miss it sometimes. Made you understand that you long to hear, see and use your mother language. You are not the only.

One great way to stay connected to each other and Hebrew is with personalized Hebrew Jewelry. Today you can customize your own Hebrew name necklace from the material to font, in classic block font or cursive font. You may beautify it with your birthstone or keep it clean from decorations and classic with text design or beautiful Star of David. These are our top Hebrew name pieces to show off Jewish heritage in glam:

1 Classic Hebrew Font name necklace

It’s perfect for those who believe that less is more. Its classic style appeals to all ages and will be a great graduation, Bar Mitzvah or birthday gift.

2 Personalized necklace with heart or butterfly- the most charming gift for your daughter.

Passing on the importance of remembering one’s Jewish heritage is especially important with the young generation. In our fast-changing world and mass communication it’s hard to lose sense of identity and with a Hebrew name necklace she will look trendy and always carry a piece of her heritage.

3 Showing your Jewish pride and love for Hebrew with Star of David design

Classic in block font and adorned with a Star of David- nothing says more ‘I am proud of my heritage’ than this one. It will be a wonderful Bar Mitzvah gift to the young boy entering manhood and forming his identity as a man.

4 Bright colors are a hit this summer! Customizing a necklace for yourself, sister or daughter in bright acrylic design will show everyone you know your way in fashion, have great sense of style and love your Hebrew name.

5 Everybody asks for a translation to English and you are tired of explaining? No worries! We have exactly what you need- English & Hebrew name necklace.

If you agree and share the same longing and love to Hebrew share it with your friends and family members!