Jewish Charms: Pandora Bracelets

One of the hottest trends in Jewish jewelry today is charms bracelets. You can easily style and put together a stunning charm bracelet, to display your Jewish heritage, fashion sense and add a bit of glam to any outfit. Charm bracelets make for marvelous and thoughtful gifts, since putting it together entails putting in some thought into the bracelet, picking charms that will look wonderful together, send a cohesive message, despite their versatility and reflect one’s personality.

Jewish charms are carefully crafted to symbolize Jewish symbols expressing Jewish pride, love, connection to Israel, good luck in the form of Hamsa charm, Tree of Life, pomegranate and even Shofar and Commandments Tables. Wish to put together your very own charm bracelet or gift a meaningful Bat Mitzvah gift? Follow our guide to Jewish charms to fashion a charming bracelet!

Jewish Symbols

If you are deeply connected to Judaism, Jewish symbols will make a great theme for a charms bracelet.
Star of David, Ten Commandments Tablets, or Shema prayer charm with Choshen decoration will send the most powerful message about your level of religious observance and place of Jewish Mitzvot in your life
Love Themed Charms

Love is the most beautiful thing on earth. Love for your children, love God, love your Jewish heritage and love your beloved is the most important you will ever experience and share. Heart-shaped, AHAVA or Ani LeDodi themed charms are the most precious way to combine love and Jewish symbols

Israeli Charms

Hamsa may not be a pure Jewish symbol, but it has become a part of Jewish jewelry and inseparable from Judaism. Hand of Miriam or Hamsa, this charm will protect the wearer and bless them with good luck. Hamsa is a charm on its own and adorning a charm bracelet it will transform the beautiful bracelet from a lovely jewelry piece to a protective amulet, expressing love to Israel and Israeli culture.
Charms are definitely a fabulous way to look stylish and glam up an office outfit, but if you are interested in adding a special touch, meaningful charms and jewelry pieces are the best way to go!
Charm bracelets will make for an outstanding Bat-Mitzvah gift to a young girl turning into a young lady. You can purchase a snake bracelet, add 1-2 Star of David or heart charms, and leave the rest of the fun to her. Any girl would love putting together her own jewelry piece, that will help her to make a fashion statement and begin her way to figuring out the place and significance of her Jewish heritage is to her!

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