Queen Esther-Woman of Valor

Chosen as the most beautiful woman in the kingdom, Queen Esther became to be more than a beautiful queen. Esther the queen has become an icon, a woman of valor that transformed from an obedient daughter to the savior of her people, our people from evil Achashveyrosh, king of Persia. But, this is not a story about the evil king; this is a story about a beautiful soul and girl, growing into her role as queen and savior.

Who is Esther?

Esther, was adopted by uncle Mordechai, leader of the Jews. When she was chosen to replace queen Vasthi, and marry the king, she was advised by Mordechai to hide her faith from him. Nonetheless, she didn’t forget her faith and cherished her Jewish heritage and roots even after moving into the palace and marrying the king. When Mordechai brought to her attention that Haman, the king’s vicious advisor plotted to kill the Jewish people, she was resourceful and used her wit to charm the king and win his affections.

Esther Woman of Valor

In a very resourceful, yet elegant manner, she planned two dinners and invited the king. Not being allowed to see the king for a king, this was a very risky step on her behalf, yet she was to stop at nothing to save her people, even it meant risking death. After a three days’ fast she gathered the courage and approached the king who sparred her life and agreed to attend dinner with Haman.

Then she uncovered the true face of vicious Haman before the king, and Haman was punished, leading a horse ridden by Mordechai, who was wearing the king’s garments, around the kingdom.
Esther revealed her identity to the king, asking him to spare her people. One of the king’s attendants disclosed to the king of Haman’s plan to hang Mordechai at the gallows, and the king instructed it to be done upon the cruel Haman. Beautiful Esther saves her people, becomes a symbol and was the origin to Purim celebrations.

Overcoming fear of death and defying the concept and vision of women as submissive marginal creatures at that time, Queen Esther took things into her own hands, took action using her charm. Her beauty became her power and her charm became her weapon not in returning the king’s love, but to save her people and fight for her faith.
Queen Esther is an icon of Jewish pride, woman of valor, while living in exile, in the outskirts of the ruling society. May she inspire and motivate us every day to stay strong and be strong in our pride and love our Jewish heritage.

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