Miriam’s Cup

Miriam was born in Egypt and grew up with the dream of the Prosmised Land. At a time when women were to stand behind the men, she stepped forward as a leader and inspired our lives and continues to serve as a muse to Jewish artists and Judaica products. She has definitely inspired artist Lily […]

Miriam: Lady of Exodus and Prophetess

                                                 The year: 2362 (after Creation) Place: Egypt Event: one of the most prominent female figures in Jewish history is born, Miriam. Who is Miriam? Miriam is the daughter of Yocheved and […]

4 Most interesting facts about the Dreidel

The menorah is lit, baked Sufganiyot on the table, their aroma fills the room on a cold winter night, the entire family gathers on the carpet or table after the traditional lighting the menorah candles ceremony, singing Maoz Tzur and you are about to being a spin the dreidel competition. Wait! Before you start spinning […]