Tefillin Mitzvah: Significance, origin and how to put Tefillin

Symbolizing the Laws of God and His strength, putting tefillin is a great Mitzvah in Judaism. Connecting the heart, soul, brain and senses to the memory of Exodus, God’s presence in our life and our commitment in following Him and our laws, the tefillin is a way of reestablishing our connection and devotion to God […]

Star of David and Queen Esther Symbolism

A great symbol of woman of valor, Queen Esther, is one of our beloved heroines in Jewish history. Transforming from a symbol of an obedient daughter and wife, to a fighter, resourceful and lioness that will risk disapproving her husband to save her people, she is an icon and inspiration to us all. This Star […]

Queen Esther-Woman of Valor

Chosen as the most beautiful woman in the kingdom, Queen Esther became to be more than a beautiful queen. Esther the queen has become an icon, a woman of valor that transformed from an obedient daughter to the savior of her people, our people from evil Achashveyrosh, king of Persia. But, this is not a […]