Tu B’Av- The 15th of Av Jewish Day of Love

Marking the end of Bein Ha-metzarim period lasting three weeks, Tu B’Av is a joyful festival, celebrating joy, love and rebirth. First mentioned in the Mishnah, Ta’anit, Chapter 4. The 15th of Av represents the rebirth following the great destruction of the Holy temple, marked on Av 9th. It is a day of studying the […]

5 Most Amazing Hamsa Gifts

Looking to buy a Housewarming gift or wedding gift? Hamsa products have become an essential gift side by side with mezuzahs, Shabbat candlesticks and home blessings. Looking for a birthday gift for your beloved? Wish to show her how much Mazal she brings to your life? Hamsa necklaces are just what you need to shower […]

Hamsa: Learn about the Hamsa in Jewish Culture

You have seen it on numerous necklaces, street markets on your trip to Israel, a beautiful Hamsa, shaped as open palm’s hand, with a symbol of an eye. Referred to as Hand of Fatima and Hand of Miriam, its precise origin is unknown, but today it serves as a Kabalistic amulet and highly popular and […]