10 Best Pomegranate Themed Gifts

Symbol of Knowledge and Mitzvot, the pomegranate is a well-known Jewish symbol. It holds a special place in Jewish culture, traditions and Judaica items from Jerusalem Temple’s times until today. It has adorned the garments of High Priests, and as one of the Seven Species, indicated on the richness of a land, the Promised Land. We eat […]

The Pomegranate: Learn everything about the Jewish Symbol

Blessed with 613 healthy benefits, the pomegranate carries an additional meaning and significance in Jewish traditions and Rosh Hashanah customs. The red and juicy fruit has been part of Jewish traditions for ages, first appearing in the torah, as one of the Seven Species brought to the Israelites from the Promised Land. Wandering in the […]

9 B’Av: Meaning and Customs

The Ninth of Av, Tisha B’Av is an annual fast day commemorating the tragedies that happened in Jewish history to the Jewish people. Why 9 B’av of all days? What are the customs and why do we commemorate it? Continue reading to discover. Origin of Name This fast day is named for the ninth day […]