Menorah 9 VS 7 Branches

Tall and beautiful, 7 branched or 9 branched, the Menorah, has been a Jewish symbol and part of Jewish traditions for centuries. Often decorated with 12 tribes of Israel, it is the central piece in a traditional Jewish home, alongside Shabbat candlesticks, Kiddush cups, mezuzah and havdalah set. But, there is 7 branch and 9 […]

6 Best Star of David Gifts

Star of David, the most popular Jewish symbol, is what comes to mind when you think of Judaism, Jewish pride and Jewish gifts. Known as Magen David, it is made of two triangles fused together, often embellishing various Judaica and jewelry items.  Wherever you are, whatever you do, wearing a Star of David necklace or […]

Silver Judaica: Timeless and Elite

Shabbat, the family gathers in the dining room, candles’ light fills the room, and Shabbat table is set with silver Judaica.  Made with love and polished to perfection, sterling silver candlesticks and Kiddush cup stand tall as everyone admire them and become silent under their magic. The home baked challah fills the room with magnificent […]