The Ultimate Tallit Guide

Colorful, classic in stripes, in wool or silk, the tallit is an essential piece for anyone who wishes to observe Judaism and lead traditional Jewish life. It is a Jewish prayer shawl that comes with twined and knitted fringes, also known as Tzitzit, attached to each of its four corners. Now that we have defined […]

How to blow the Shofar in 3 Easy Steps

Numbers 29:1 "It will be for you a day of sounding the Shofar."  Since then we keep the Mitzvah of hearing the shofar during the High Holidays, and often in other Jewish celebrations.   While it looks like any other musical instrument, we don’t feel as comfortable blowing it and often freeze in trying. We […]

20th Maccabiah: 6 Amazing tips for a Family Maccabiah

This year the Maccabiah is celebrating 20 years and will be hosting 10000 athletes and competitions in 47 sports. It is a celebration of Jewish spirit, hope, unity that transcends time, space and oceans, connecting us all in an amazing and unbreakable bond. Can’t attend the Maccabiah and visit Israel? Here are 6 tips to […]