10 Beautiful Pictures of Jerusalem

In sunset or sunrise, she stands in glory, beautiful in limestone and surrounded with magnificent olive trees. She comes to us in our dreams, taking us on a stroll in the narrow alleys of the old city, or flying above the rooftops, markets and landmarks. Special in every season, we bring you 10 beautiful images […]

Meet 5 amazing Jerusalem artists

Jerusalem has been the inspiration for authors, painters, musicians and many other artists. The light brown Jerusalem stone has been the foundation for Jerusalem’s walls, gates, tower of David and homes. Many artists try to bring this unique stone back to life in their works and Golden Jerusalem in sunset and sunrise has inspired Israeli […]

10 Most Inspiring Jerusalem Gifts

Crystal clear air, pine trees scented and breathtaking in stone on green hills; it is of course Jerusalem, everyone’s beloved. This year we are celebrating 50 years to the magic of the city; magic that transcends time and space. Jerusalem Day is celebrated to commemorate the reunification of the city under Israeli control, after the […]