Happy Birthday Israel!

It’s amazing how quickly time passes and that today Israel is celebrating its 69 birthday! Seems like only yesterday David Ben Gurion announced Israel’s independence and all rejoiced and danced in the streets. For a country that once was built at nights, in secrecy and haste, today it is one of the most modern and […]

Chametz OUT New Passover Tradition IN

One of the most anticipated Jewish holidays is almost here. On this holiday the entire family gathers up to make sure the home is all set for the greatest night of all. After the house is Chametz free and ready to star in a home & design magazine, we celebrate the freedom we regained after […]

The Festival is Back in Town

On this day we lift our groggers to make some noise and commemorate the day the Jewish people were rescued from vicious Haman. The young and old put on their dream costumes, chosen after months of planning, designing and crafting. We go out into the streets and show how happy we are by dancing and […]