Havdalah: Why and how we make Havdalah?

On Friday night we welcome Shabbat with Kiddush, sanctifying the seventh day of the week out of all others. On Saturday night we sanctify Shabbat and mark its ending by separating it from everyday by Havdalah. With the first star appearing in the sky on Shabbat evening, we prepare for the Havdalah ritual. Once three […]

Armenian Ceramics: Ceramic Art from Jerusalem

Mix blue ornamentations and flowers with Jewish symbols and the result is the most unique Judaica in Armenian design, Armenian ceramics. While the majority of people choose to adorn their Shabbat table, gift wedding gifts and prepare for the holidays with polishing silver Kiddush cups and Shabbat candlesticks, there is a high demand for special […]

Best 10 Yiddish Words you have to know

Everybody heard of Israeli Chutzpah and that mother becomes a bit Mushuggeneh on Friday morning in preparation for Shabbos, but do you know the origin of these words and their meaning in modern English? You, guessed right, these words are taken from ancient Yiddish, mostly spoken in Ashkenazi communities, but we are sure those of […]