Tallit as a Gift

A tallit makes a great, practical, and long-lasting gift that would be appropriate for many Jewish occasions. Receiving a tallit is an important event in a Jewish person’s life, as the tallit is a sacred symbol and allows the wearer to perform the mitzvah (commandment) of wearing tzitzit. While there are many situations in which […]

Full Size Tallit vs. Narrow Tallit

There are two ways of wearing tallitot. While both of these ways of wearing a prayer shawl are equally “correct”, many people prefer to wear their tallitot a certain way either because they find it more aesthetically pleasing or because it is the norm in their branch of Judaism or in their synagogue. The most […]

When to Wear the Tallit?

It is a well-known fact that the Tallit is worn by adult males during prayer services during the week, Shabbat and on Holidays and that the Tallit Katan is worn for the entire day. However, there are other occasions in which the Tallit is worn, such as during a wedding or Bris. What follows is […]